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Sea kayaking around Zadar, from Puntamika toward old town, passing along the Sea Organ and Salutation to the Sun, up to the fabulous Riva with a view of millennial Roman Forum, the unique St.Donat's church to the Foša port, where in the 16th century city walls have been erected and gates opened.

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Dugi Otok

Sea kayaking around Veli Rat. From Verunic to camp Kargita, famous lighthouse and to beach Sakarun at last.

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Dugi Otok

On the second day of the tour, before arriving to white sand Sakarun beach, there is a beautiful cave worth visiting. It is also a great location for cliff jumping.

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The island Pag

The island Pag is located between Rab and Vir and with 285 km2 area it is the fifth largest island in Croatia. The specificity of theis island is the beautiful and rich coast full of coves, capes and great beaches. Here you can mostly find low aromatic plants all over the rocky area. The island Pag is famous for the great domestic cheese kinds, like the one of lamb. The biggest town on the island Pag is Novalja which is famous for the beach called Zrce were you can enjoy parties day and night. Then there is the city Pag, the cultural and administrative center of the island. In Pag city you can during the summertime visit many cultural and entertainment festivals every year. The gastronomic offer is based on lamb, cheese and many seafood specialties which here are very famous. Accommodation forms are varied. Accommodation is available in hotels, campsites, apartments and private villas. Apartments on Pag are the most convenient kind of accommodation. Visit the island Pag and spend an unforgettable vacation here.

The island Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok is the largest island of the north dalmatian archipelago, with 45 km length and an area of ​​113.3 m2. The island is located between 12 settlements, which are connected by a road with about 1,700 residents. The mainland is very well connected  by ferries and ships. Tourists can enjoy the great service of our post office, tourist offices, as well as many restaurants. In the southeastern part of the island is a nature park. Near the island you can visit the National Park called Telascica. Culture and entertainment festivals which take place in the summer are rich and different. Every place on the island has its saint (patron)- in whos honor the festivals are organized. The island is full of bays and beaches where guests can enjoy the unbelievable nature beauty and the endless blue sea. The most famous beach, not only on the island but also in the Adriatic, is a sandy beach called Sakarun. The beach is known for its clear water, white sand and beautiful pine forest. Accommodation in Dugi Otok you can find in hotels, camps and private rooms. Apartments Dugi Otok  are here also the most popular form of accommodation because of the acceptable price.

Visit Zadar

The city of Zadar is the administrative, cultural and political center of northern Dalmatia. The city is famous for its long and stormy history and it is full of cultural and historical sites on every step. While visiting the city, you shouldnt miss to visit the Forum, the Church of St. Donat from the 9th century, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia in Zadar and also the church St. Sime and many other cultural and sacred places. Then there are many museums and exhibitions to see, of which the most famous are the Archaeological Museum in Zadar, the Museum of antique glass and the popular permanent exhibition "Gold and Silver of Zadar". You should visit the world famous attractions in Zadar like the "Sea Organ" or the“ Sun Solutation of Zadra“. Located in the central Adriatic coast and surrounded by 4 national parks and 3 nature parks, Zadar has become one of the top destinations in Croatia. Cultural  and entertaining festivals in Zadar are different and adapted to every age. The program includes traditional Music Evenings in St. Donat, the Zadar summer festival, concerts, festivals and other cultural and entertaining activities. Accommodation in Zadar is available in hotels, tourist resorts or as a private accommodation like rooms, apartments and villas. Apartments  Zadar are the most acceptable form of accommodation because of the price. Spend your summer holidays in Zadar and you will not be disappointed in any way!

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