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Kayaking around 19th century lighthouse in Veli Rat, Dugi Otok
Getting ready for paddling to an abandon sunken ship wreck...
Sakarun, one of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia
White sand and crystal clear sea
Astonishing view from the top of the lighthouse at sunset
Visiting the cave on Dugi Otok
Experience the adventure...

Kayaking and biking gives an unique opportunity to experience some of the most exciting places in our country from a different perspective. All tours currently take place in the vicinity of Zadar, one of Croatia's most beautiful cities located on Adriatic Sea. Our packages include transport to tour locations directly from Zadar. Please feel free to browse through tour pictures and videos in our gallery and use our contact page to get in touch with us.You can find out more about our tours below.

1, 2 or 3 day adventure
1 day adventure


We take you to the pristine parts od Dalmatia and its beautiful hinterlands Pag, Metajna, submerged town in Caska bay... and many other places with a final destination Noa Beach Club. Kayak, snorkeling, swimming, cycling, hiking, dancing & clubbing :) ... Read more



To book your tour just use contact form. Tours can be booked on another dates also.

half a day adventure


Kayaking tour around southern part of Zadar with a magnificent overview of the oldest part of the town. Get a unique view of Sea Organ and Salutation to the Sun, millennial Roman Forum, the unique St.Donat's church... Read more



To book your tour just use contact form. Tours can be booked on another dates also.

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